Network administration made easy

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The Problem

I completed a 6 month network and application security bootcamp at Georgia Tech last year. I got an opportunity to expand my networking knowledge as a developer and work with some interesting tools. We learned host-enumeration with tools like Nmap. We learned how to transfer files and run commands on remote servers without authenticating by creating backdoors with Netcat and, we learned how to sniff network packets with Wireshark along with many more things.

It was a great experience but I noticed something missing. I felt like I was using a lot of different tools to accomplish one over-arching goal. I also saw some room for improvement in terms how easy it was to read the output of some of these networking tools. I thought, man I sure wish there was one tool that I could use for all these things that gave me the information I wanted in an easy-to-read format…

Enter Networker

In January I started building just that. A command-line tool that could provide me with the core-functionality I needed from some of the networking tools I learned to use from the network-security program I completed.

It’s a CLI tool that’s still a work in progress but, I believe I’ve done enough work so far to provide some pretty decent utility.

Here is what you can do with Networker at time of writing :

  • List the IP addresses and hostnames of devices on the LAN
  • Lookup ips, nameservers, hostnames, and ISPs.
  • Scan hosts for exposed ports
  • TCP reverse shell

I wanted to share this because one, there’s probably someone out there who finds this useful and two, I would like others to contribute to the github repo.

Much love,